Inside the world’s largest stadium in North Korea

Rungrado May 1 Stadium or May 1 Stadium is located in the North Korean city of Pyongyang. The stadium is best known for hosting the North Korean-hosted Mass Games – an event that brings together thousands of participants with a full spectrum of genres such as group dance, gymnastics, and gymnastics. sports to concerts.

With a capacity of nearly 150,000 people, Stadium 1/5 set the record as the largest stadium in the world in terms of huge capacity, with a measured area of ​​206,390 square meters.

1/5 Stadium opened on May 1, 1989. Located on Rungrado Island in the Taedonggang River, the origin of the name of this stadium is also due to its geographical location. The stadium is even more coincidental when the inauguration day falls on the right day of International Labor Day every year.

The distinctive design of the May 1 stadium is inspired by a flower or a parachute with the total size around the stadium ring amounting to 64,750 square meters, and the top of the field is more than 60 feet above the ground. meters.

According to Koryo Tours – one of the few tour operators that take tourists to North Korea, the country’s leaders want to affirm the country’s position through architecture. Among them is the May 1 Stadium, built in the shape of a magnolia flower, located on the banks of the Taedong River of the capital Pyongyang.

The stadium opened on May 1, 1989, and was remodeled in 2014. It was the venue for many monumental events, including the 1995 professional wrestling tournament and the World Youth and Student Festival. 13th, with 22,000 delegates from 177 countries.

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