Brazilian women’s football legend declares this as her final World Cup


Star of the Brazilian women’s national team, Marta Vieira da Silva, has confirmed that this will be her last participation in the Women’s World Cup. “Yes, this will be my final World Cup. People need to understand that it’s time for us to prioritize other things,” Marta stated before the Brazilian media on Monday. “I feel grateful for having played for the Brazilian team for so many years. The opportunity to participate in my sixth World Cup is extraordinary,” Marta added.

The 37-year-old forward first participated in the Women’s World Cup in 2003. She is the all-time leading goal scorer for the Brazilian women’s national team with 117 goals. Additionally, Marta has been named FIFA Women’s Player of the Year on six occasions.


Marta has won the Copa America three times but has yet to secure any titles in the Women’s World Cup with the Brazilian women’s team. Their best performance in the World Cup was as runners-up in 2007. In the last two Women’s World Cup tournaments, the Brazilian women’s team only reached the Round of 16.

Meanwhile, forward Kerolin wants to see Marta win the World Cup just like Lionel Messi and the Argentine national team. “We are inspired by the Argentine team and what they have done with Lionel Messi. We find ourselves in a similar situation with Marta. This is an opportunity for us to make a big change. I am eager to bring the championship home,” Kerolin shared.

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Marta underwent surgery after suffering a cruciate ligament injury in March of last year while playing for the U.S.-based club Orlando Pride. She returned to the Brazilian women’s team in February of this year after an 11-month absence.

Brazil’s women’s national team coach, Pia Sundhage, revealed that Marta is still in the recovery process and may have to be on the bench when the Samba Queens begin their campaign in the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

The Brazilian women’s team is in the same group as France, Jamaica, and Panama. The Samba Queens will play their opening match against Panama on July 24. Five days later, they will face the French women’s team. Brazil will meet Jamaica in their final group stage match on August 2.

Who is Marta?


Marta, often referred to as the “Queen of Football,” is widely regarded as one of the greatest female footballers of all time. Born on February 19, 1986, in Dois Riachos, Alagoas, Brazil, she developed a passion for football at a young age. Her exceptional skills, agility, and goal-scoring prowess quickly gained attention, propelling her into the spotlight of women’s football.

Throughout her illustrious career, Marta has achieved numerous accolades and shattered multiple records. She has represented Brazil in several international tournaments, including the Olympics and the Women’s World Cup. Marta’s exceptional talent on the field, combined with her leadership qualities and sportsmanship, has made her an iconic figure in women’s football.

Known for her electrifying speed, technical finesse, and mesmerizing dribbling, Marta has consistently mesmerized fans and opponents alike. Her ability to create scoring opportunities, score crucial goals, and inspire her teammates has been instrumental in Brazil’s success on the international stage.

Marta’s impact goes beyond her achievements on the pitch. As an advocate for gender equality and equal opportunities in football, she has been a vocal spokesperson for women’s rights in the sport. Marta’s determination, resilience, and unwavering dedication to the game have made her a role model for aspiring footballers around the world, especially young girls who aspire to break barriers and pursue their dreams.

Off the field, Marta’s philanthropic endeavors have also garnered admiration. She has actively contributed to various charitable causes and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of underprivileged children and promoting education through sport.

As Marta approaches the end of her World Cup journey, her impact and legacy in women’s football will continue to inspire generations to come. Her indelible mark on the sport, both as a player and as an advocate, will forever remain an integral part of the history and progress of women’s football globally.

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