All About Manchester United: The Icon of Football


Manchester United is one of the football clubs that is not unfamiliar to football enthusiasts. It maintains a distinguished tradition, an impressive record, and a glorious history. In terms of the number of trophies won, the 1990s stands as the most successful decade in Manchester United’s history.

Manchester United’s history


Manchester was one of the rapidly developing cities during the Industrial Revolution, attracting workers from different regions of the British Isles. From a relatively small town in the early 19th century, Manchester’s population grew to over one million by 1900, making it one of the largest cities in Europe.

This provided an excellent environment for football clubs to emerge. Eventually, the sport, in its early history, originated from the small teams of the industrial workers. Manchester United FC was initially founded in 1878 and was known as Newton Heath L&YR Football Club.

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The team made its debut in the Football League in 1892 but got relegated after two years. Subsequently, a new group of local businessmen took over the club’s reins and responsibilities, renaming it Manchester United in 1902. The newly named club secured the English League title in 1908 under the leadership of Ernest Mangnall. The first FA Cup was achieved the following year. The team then moved to its current home ground, Old Trafford, in 1910.

After World War II, the club experienced a prolonged spell of success with the appointment of Matt Busby in 1945. This visionary leader reshaped the club, instilled faith in the youth, and this strategy ultimately proved to be remarkably successful.

The United team won the league championship in 1955 and 1956, with an average player age of 21, making it the youngest team ever to win the Football League and earning them the nickname “Busby Babes.”

The Plane Crash Tragedy


A day in 1958 marked a dark chapter in Manchester United’s history. After a match against Red Star Belgrade in the European Cup, a tragedy struck. Following a refueling stop in Munich, the plane crash occurred, resulting in the deaths of eight players and three staff members. However, the coach survived the plane crash and ultimately built another remarkable aspect of the club, achieving numerous championship titles and witnessing profound victories in the years to come.

The greatest Man United managers

Tommy Docherty


Under Tommy Docherty’s reign, the team saw even more success. However, in 1977, Docherty was replaced by Dave Sexton, who adopted a more cautious approach. In 1981, he was succeeded by Ron Atkinson.

Sir Alex Ferguson


The club appointed Alex Ferguson as the manager in 1986. Though it may be hard to believe, the initial years of Ferguson’s coaching were extremely challenging until the team won the FA Cup in 1990. Over the next twenty years, the club secured at least 25 major titles, including around eleven League titles.

Manchester United won their first domestic double in 1994. Later, they became the first English club to achieve the Treble by winning the FA Cup, Premier League, and UEFA Champions League simultaneously in the 1998-1999 season. The team continued its remarkable rise by defeating Palmeiras to become the world club champions.

United won three consecutive league titles in the 1999-2001 period. One of the most incredible records was during the 1999/2000 season when they clinched the league with an 18-point lead.


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